The Story


My first child was born in 2015, an experience that inspired the birth of Insignia London. I suffered from Obstetric Cholestasis (OC) – a condition that entails an increased level of pregnancy hormones that causes an obstruction in the normal flow of bile, causing severe itching all over the body – approximately 1 in every 1000 pregnant women suffer from OC.

Hospital visits were regular, and I would often strike up a conversation with other women who suffered from OC. On one particular occasion, I met a Chilean native who took interest in the scars caused by my OC. Having suffered the agony herself, the Chilean took up the role of a mentor and shared tips to help me alleviate the unbearable itching. It dawned upon me that although my fellow sufferer had experienced the same issues, she barely had a scar on her body. As our conversations became more frequent with each visit, the Chilean woman taught me how to rid my body of scars – the use of Rosehip oil, a product from her native country of Chile.

During my pregnancy I was careful about the products that I was using. Avoiding chemicals and preservatives was a priority; it was the natural distinction of Rosehip oil that intrigued me. Using the oil was evidently amazing – not only were the scars smoothing out, they were also fading away.

The fact that the woman had found a natural solution for her scars – that otherwise could have lasted a lifetime – amazed me so much that I began to research the effects of Rosehip oil thoroughly. Back then, my nightmares were about having permanent scars, but within weeks, I had noticed a surprising change in my scars. With my research bearing fruit and the Chilean woman’s continuous, obsessive mention of the miraculous nature of the product, I could wait no longer. Excited and enthusiastic, I raved about the results to others at the hospital.

As the physical scarring gradually ceased to be an issue, my zeal to make my story known to the world was nurtured. It was the unwavering desire to find a natural solution for the cosmetic problem of an average woman that led to the launch of our product. Post-partum, I improved the condition of my eyelashes, hair and skin with natural products. Using products such as Japanese Mint oil, Ethiopian Coffee, Castor oil, Argan oil and Coconut oil. Although focusing on Rosehip oil was the initial target, it gradually turned into a much larger goal – to establish a range of natural products that are not tested on animals but are perfectly designed.


The Natural


It has become common knowledge that chemical-based skincare products, albeit effective, eventually harm the skin by serving as a precursor to itching or other skin issues. Further, you are predisposed to premature ageing with chemical-based products. These products frequently include ingredients that are toxic to the skin, ultimately leading to exhaustion and sagging of skin brought about by the loss of its natural reproductive elements. Acne, for instance, is a result of artificial product usage.

Natural products, on the other hand, consist of several kinds of ingredients, all of which are natural – plants, fruit extracts, natural oils, and fruit acids. These all contain powerful antioxidants that take care of the skin, slow down ageing, and help in creating healthy and younger looking skin. Nature offers us a variety of solutions to all of our problems, skin care being just one of them. That said, it’s extremely important to understand and appreciate the fact that not all seemingly natural products are equally effective.

Formulations manufactured from silicones are not the best for skin. Silicone is quite cheap, and it has the added advantage of rendering a smooth and elegant feel when applied to the skin. However, it adds no real value to the product, although branded as natural, hardly improves health and healthcare.

Seasonal trends are frequently found to turn the cosmetic industry upside down only to fade away in the following months as the populace moves on to something fresher. But the popularity of natural products is hardly seasonal. The escalating levels of awareness among customers in recent years have helped to increase the influx of 100% pure products for use in the market.


The Philosophy


Our products encompass the best ingredients, all sourced from natural produce. Our ingredients are sourced with care and follow strict guidelines to ensure they remain pure and free from unnecessary ingredients such as synthetic fragrances, colourants, parabens, formaldehyde releasers, petrochemicals. phythalates or SLS [sulphates]. We put a lot of emphasis on ensuring our products bring out the best in your skin and hair. Similarly, our product design is not left to the side, we design our bottles impeccably – with attention to detail and luxury in mind.

Our Core

Insignia London fundamentally believes in protecting animals, and therefore never practises, supports or condones experimenting on animals. Likewise we work with farmers who share the same values as us and thereby use natural farming methods.


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