Face Hydrosols

Face mists, also knowns as hydrosols, are created during the steam distillation of aromatic plants. They are rich in water-soluble elements of plant medicine that are not found in the essential oil.

Most aromatic sprays on the market are not pure mists, but rather essential oils added to water with an emulsifier. These are chemically different than hydrosols and are not as gentle.

Insignia London Luxury Face Mists are moisturising, anti-inflammatory, mildly antiseptic, and are a wonderfully fragrant addition to skin care. Due to their benevolent nature, our natural sprays offer a myriad of treatment possibilities when essential oils might be too strong. They are a safe and gentle way for people with sensitive skin, children, elders, chronically ill, and highly allergic individuals to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

Insignia London Luxury Face Mists contain valuable plant compounds for skin health. They are produced from plant material and water/steam, so in their pure, unadulterated state they are a wholly plant-based product.

The specific properties of a hydrosol will depend on the plant that has been distilled and which of its components come through in distillation.

Some of the commonly known benefits of our face mists for skin are: hydration, soothing inflammation, healing and regeneration, balancing sebum and astringing (astringing is constricting small blood vessels, it’s more commonly known as ‘toning’).

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